About Us

Over the past 49 years, Fastenal has grown from a small-town fastener shop, to a thriving regional business, to North America?s largest fastener distributor, to the world?s most efficient supplier of OEM, MRO, and construction products. Along the way, we?ve never wavered in our belief that great service starts with being close to our customers, which is why today we operate nearly 2,700 stores spanning all 50 states and 20-plus nations.

You?ll find Fastenal stores in cities like Houston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Toronto, and Shanghai. You?ll also find us in smaller communities like Chowchilla, California; Greenville, Alabama; and Thompson, Manitoba. But what really matters is that you?ll find a Fastenal store near you ? ready to stock your products, manage your inventory, respond urgently, and provide the kind of customer service you just can?t get from a catalog or 1-800 number.

From one store to nearly 2,700 and counting ? We Are Where You Are.