Metz's Hart Land Dairy, Creamery, and Honey



About Us

We are a family run dairy farm milking 230 head of Jersey, Holstein, and Brown Swiss cows. 340 acres of Corn and Alfalfa are grown to feed the herd. Part of the milk produced on the farm is processed in the Creamery right on the farm. Cheese curds, Gelato, String Cheese, Mozzarella, Flavored Cheddars, and other specialty cheeses are made in the creamery. Honey is also processed in part of the plant. Metz Creamery is also an agritourism destination with tours hosted and a large farm playground with a petting zoo is on site. Retail site is also on location selling not only the creamery production ( Cheese, Gelato, and Honey) but also other locally made products.