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About Us

Hi, I'm Jose Pelaez, graphic and website designer, owner of Peláez Creative LLC. I help build and reinforce brands by combining typography, photography, videos, illustrations, colors and design expertise into advertising & marketing pieces that build consumer loyalty and trust. I can also help with Marketing and Social Media Consulting, Commercial Photography and Video Production, Software and App development through my network of local talent.

Did you know a company’s brand identity starts with a great logo which then expands to every aspect of the business?

A great logo along with a great website are basic requirements in today's market for any business to build a memorable brand. You need to think of branding as an investment. When it comes to building a brand for your business graphic design plays a crucial part, it targets your audience in a way that is functional, attractive, and professional. Good graphic design is the only way to build an initial impression and consumer trust.